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About Us

Noon Calligraphy is an online feast of fabulous creativity. Based in Dubai, “Creating unique art, we will provide our customers with great things for walls. We will guarantee the highest product integrity and support every purchase with exceptional service. Finally, we take art seriously, but not so seriously that it intimidates – we are passionate about our Art but we will remain collaborative, accessible and joyful in all we do.”


Arabic calligraphy is known as one of the highest art forms in the Arabic world. Noon Calligraphy provides you the best Arabic Calligraphy in Dubai. We present different styles of Arabic Calligraphy ranging from traditional to modern look. There are six crucial scripts used in traditional Calligraphy, which are Naskh, Farsi, Deewani, Kufi, Req’aa, and Thuluth. And the modern calligraphy includes copperplate, Spenserian, italic, and blackletter. Granting people and organizations with artistic, high resolution, and appropriate Arabic Calligraphy in Dubai. We have also crafted many logos, canvas, and customize designs in Arabic Calligraphy. We assume that there is no boundary in creating an artistic Calligraphy. We aim to provide educational and professional Arabic Calligraphy in Dubai to our customers. We own a production facility, where we customize your design in the form of Arabic Calligraphy in Dubai. Contact us to customize your design or create an Islamic Arabic Calligraphy Canvas or Wall Art paintings.


Noon Calligraphy offers you Canvas printing in Dubai. Canvas prints are usually used to decorate your homes, hotels, restaurants, and office interior, with Arabic Calligraphy, personal or family photographs, and stock illustrations. Our team implements a user-friendly experience for you to analyze the entire process to get your desired piece of art printed onto Canvas. We produce the best quality Canvas, along with the best Canvas printing in Dubai. Whether you decide to bring a soft copy of your favorite picture or willing to turn your favorite design into an Arabic Calligraphy, we always pleased our clients with a better experience. We aim to provide the most high-grade quality printing with the help of our high-quality printers, which are capable of providing you the best Canvas printing in Dubai. To take more information regarding Canvas printing, you can contact us, and we will help you in resolving your problem regarding Canvas printing in Dubai.

Contemporary Islamic Art

A contemporary cultural retailer, Noon Calligraphy is abundant with sumptuous artwork and beautifully crafted gifts – all of which reflect the fascinating Middle East region. Pattern, calligraphy and a myriad of regional design influences are portrayed in products which have been crafted by carefully selected Artists and Designers.
How we work

Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art Services

Without too much effort, you can get excellent Arabic calligraphy designs and formats at any time. Everything you need in Arabic calligraphy Wall Art to get the logo template or names is to visit our website and choose what you want. Take advantage of the breathtaking patterns of Arabic Calligraphy Artwork according to your own preferences.


Here at Noon Calligraphy, we love to dress your cold and bare wall into beautiful art. We provide one of the best wall art printing in Dubai. As wall art printing helps you to create a decent and artistic look for your house, restaurant, hotel, or office walls. We use high-quality printers to print your desired picture on Canvas. Our mission is to lighten up your wall with the help of wall art printing in Dubai. Whether you want to customize your photography or want us to create an Arabic Calligraphy, our team of experts is ready to help you all the time. Our priority is to use the best products while artistically printing your wall. There are four most high-grade wall art printing, which are lithography, woodcut, etching, and screen-print. Are you willing to have a wall art printing in Dubai? Contact our experts! They will implement their best to provide you an excellent wall art printing in Dubai.

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